World markets sell off because they dont like no money from FED. Dow off 370 pts now

For a long time, Fed kept making mistakes.  However, this time i believe Fed was doing the right thing and more responsible.  Even though a lot of people is expecting QE3 including me.  It is true, US does not has the money anymore.  You cant simply print and eventually because of growth.  The swap to ensure long term low interest rate is still good.  If QE3 arrive, do we need QE4?QE5, the problems need to be solved and to resume a natural growth.  Generally, i do feel is over done for sure at the moment.  If we need to crash, let it crash, if we just dont have the money around the world.

KLCI will test 1360 for next support.  But i do think market is very cheap.  Considered Eurozone Hang Seng, STi, US, KLCI all corrected from 30 – 50%.  It is fierce enough this round.  However, our strategy is still on buying low gradually.  We will enter the market tomorrow again.  Across 20 years experience, no one can tell you how low a market can go.  Our strategies are below:-

1.Buy gradually and mildly for every Dow Jones or Eurozone crash trading day that affected the local market.

2.Buy only dividend stocks that can create cash flow at least 6-12 months.

3.Buy Businesses that least impacted by potential recession or slow down.

4.Switching portfolio to highly beaten down No 2 and No 3 above.

Cautiously start holding UOADev-CA

With UOADev is highly undervalued when it listed above RM 2.5, we believe this call warrant at price of below 3 cents has huge speculative return potential. We will start adding more until Dec 11 and cut loss if not moving above 5 cents.

We bought SUNREIT and Affin Mildly again

Affin stock price has suffered one of the largest drop in this Euro crisis.  Even though the indonesia share holding issue remain that call off their investment.  However, we believe local Malaysia will still subject to go through a consolidation where Affin should be acquired by larger bank.  With price of RM 2.60, it is one of the lowest PE bank in the market.  Needless to say it is own by our local Army fund.

We added SUNREIT as it is a well run retail that we believe the creativity is much stronger then any others.  We particular like their top floor shopping at Sunway.

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