ChatGPT is going to be another catalyst to reshape many industries

From November, I believe around mid 2023. Many new products will be coming out leveraging ChatGPT and many industries may be reshaped. Even the newcomers may not be profitable like Uber. The key to investing will be also taken into consideration of the risk being automated. ChatGPT is like skynet if you are not suing it or controlling it the right way. But, capitalism will push it to the max. So do criminal opportunists. You are going to see more scams and more calls in the future.

Dividend and undervalued is the strategy as of now

Russian war, perhaps even China and US tension can be purposed escalated to facilitate the growth of military industry when other industries are projected to be weak. We will continue to be cautious and buying only dividend oriented stocks which are undervalued.

Tomei – highly undervalue but not sexy.

Besides of tech stocks. Nothing can command more than PE 15 times. But, the day will come and realize end of the day, tech stock need to deliver too.

As of now, we like Tomei. Although is it not sexy like tech stock. The stable I come across years should be a buy on dip below RM 1.20. We already started to collect Tomei and will expect to increase our holding gradually.

MBSB and MIDF merger is positive

After the submission of the proposal to BNM. It make sense for both to create values because of each other weakness. After the merger, both will be able to offer more products to the market especially the Islamic section.

Price at RM 58 cents is a steal. Perhaps the only reason the price struck is because of huge holding of EPF. I still think the best is to take it private at book value. Option for share holder to be remained in new share. Realize the value of a universal Islamic bank going forward.

Hard landing is coming

As post COVID inflation continues and is magnified by war. Inflation is becoming worsen. Central banks like Fed chosen to aggressively hike rate. Hard landing is the only path as it is trading recession with inflation problem.

I don’t know how to solve it. But sustainable investment strategy is the only option from now. I will only buy REITs and Banks. Full stop.

Is Cryto crash similar to dot com crashed in 2000?

Similar subject, similar psychological support and resistance. Similar stories. Perhaps will left a few final survival but will wipe out a lot of starter. If not this round will be the same cycle soon will come. It will come back after a perfect storm. To become stable and servings the original purpose as a crypto currency.

Is the bear over..being an optimist all the time. Stay away

We have just gone through a century once pandemic. We may see a century once climate change or even century once happened inflation. What do we do? Reduce your debts. Reduce your speculative holdings, turn to sell all warrant maturing in a year or two. Cut your losses. Go into recession proof stocks. Stay away tech. Be calm, ride through a 50/50 massive pull back.

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