Rising defaults in China shown accessive of borrowings

Lots of money to push stocks, real estates and virtual monies to record high. Even the cash rich entities in China are facing defaults of its bond. The world money game will come to an end but no one knows exactly when it will start.

A prolonged stagflation in Malaysia

Though there is a registered growth but may not be in the main street. Together with macro factor. We are in stagflation perhaps even in a longer period of time.

Stocks selection become very crucial plus our suggestion of always with dividend yield.

Our strategy remained the same with mild accumulation with continue emohasize in cashflow model and reduce un productive loan portfolio.

Hold for Jaks as for now

We will not buy further but hold on to Jaks as we believe the target price will hit RM 1.60 no far away. The support is building at RM 1 to 1.2 level.

Unsettle local politics and world trade hampered recovery

I think the current US trade negotiation may prolonged to even a full deal in quarter 1 of 2020. As such, there will be less time for the recovery for world economy. Together with the local political scenes where confidence to the current government fading slightly. Together with the fighting within own parties will see a very unsettle year for Malaysia. As such, we continue to move towards dividend yield and fundamental investment in 2020.

We sold Insas for Ecoworld and MBSB

We found INSAS does not have catalyst to move up even NTA is high with holding of INARI. As the trade deal to be signed is near or even Trump might be potentially remove from office. In this case, INARI case of being heavily benefits from trade war may not be realised. We decided to sell off all INSAS with a small loss but switching over to Ecoworld and MBSB. Both are beaten down but with stronger potential then INSAS as a whole.

Asia economy still strong

I believe the money is in the system but Asian very conscious. Recovery will be fierce when stable. However, industrial change is inevitable as it is always a milestone.

Is currently a good time to invest?

Why not? But we just dont go aggressive as we understand the current stagnant of markets will be prolonged. But we like GENM, MBSB, OSK, CIMB and etc. We just consistently buying mildly which provide dividend as cashflow.

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