Property will rebound from lowering foreign ownership ceiling and Rent to own scheme

This is a direct hit and I think temp solve the problem. First to help clear stocks second help the first time buyer to get their home. I see property stocks to improve and also actually property price to stable.

Asia economy still strong

I believe the money is in the system but Asian very conscious. Recovery will be fierce when stable. However, industrial change is inevitable as it is always a milestone.

Is currently a good time to invest?

Why not? But we just dont go aggressive as we understand the current stagnant of markets will be prolonged. But we like GENM, MBSB, OSK, CIMB and etc. We just consistently buying mildly which provide dividend as cashflow.


Too many undervalued stocks as of this moment. But we prefer dividend oriented stocks which has tremendous potetial to fight back. We will buy more MBSB, OSK and Kipreit.

MBSB – we will continue buying midly

After the quarterly result announced. Revenue is the first time increase quarter to quarter after sold of or convert its conventional loan to match Islamic loan. The sign looks good and we are going to buy mildly into it again. By far, MBSB still our largest holding as of now.

We bought OSK, Jaks and KIPREIT

If RHB result is good. It should benefit OSK. Base on current price of OSK not even reflect the performance of RHB Bank. We have been gradually collecting it when market is weak. I like Jaks as going forward 2020 expecting a slow economy. Its energy segment may deliver and in fact a potential leap frog if there is no fraud accounting basis. Eventually Kipreit is still our REIT target. We need good cashow model return. Currently in term of yield and potential capital gain will still let us fall in love with Kipreit.

GENM major share holder ethic raised question

I have been buying GENM due to its beaten down price by surrounded theme park issues and new taxes. I always think it is a good worthy stock. But recent decision by major share holder in buying assets from its own pocket did raise question. The point is not long term or short term. Most important is the ethic. That’s set bad example to Malaysian stocks.

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