We sold some WCT and Gadang during recent run up

We have sold some we have bought with average cost of RM 0.8 and RM 0.6. We have reinvested our profit to SUNREIT. Whereas the original capital into GENM and MBSB.

In every moment there is always an great value stock to invest. As of of today we like GENM the most.

MBSB with a 5% yield as of current price

Though it has not increased its price to our min target of RM 1.5. But we are satisfied with its yield of 5 cents. With a 5% return and still a strong potential to grow beyond RM 1.5. We still think is a bargain to buy.

Paxtonz @ Empire City a good price during recovery

As the development of Empire City hit some issues. Exism entrance given a good price entry compare years back. We like this stupid project Paxtonz and we believe there are plenty of upside and the demand of studio for professional due to offices there is great. We are not holding a flag in this area.

MBSB declared 5 cents dividend – still strong buy call target RM 1.5 above

Except Malaysia is going to be a recession. If not, the potential of growth in revenue will be positive. Even though is mild growth. With a stable 5 cents declared and can be even higher. The current price represent above 5% yield with strong capital gain potential. I am not looking at 100 or 200% but I think is a safe counter that you can increase your bet.

5G + Bandar Malaysia = absolute advantage over property market

5G has Pros and Cons. If the pipe is allow to promote working remotely without boundary. If Bandar Malaysia can take off smoothly. I believe more regional offices may opt to reside in KL than Hong Kong and Singapore. Both may still grow into different segment but Malaysia will get some traction. Is a positive factor towards property development market locally as our price is far away comparing to peers.

We added CIMB at RM 5.16

We thought it is cheap now and we added some again into our portfolio. Even if you factor a 25 basis point interest rate decrease. With also projecting loan growth of 5 to 10%. The likely result is lower grow in revenue and margin. But now below PE of 10 times. ROE will easily surpass 20 to 30% total gain. I think it is a good buy from now.

Our new direction will be defensive

Overall confidence in 2018 turned negative for me. I am not looking for a crash but an overall slowdown looks unavoidable. As the current stagnant prolonged will face impact of short to mid slow down.

As for equities, from this point on we will shift to highly defensive with yield. We will still buying as reinvestment.

A period of stagnation on stock and property

Overall stock and property will be see saw in trading during this stagnation period. It is not stagflation as we believe overall market will stay quiet and trading within range.

Overall slowdown is because of impacts from worldwide economy. However also some new policies by the local government will continue to affect short to mid term performance of both markets.

Especially the property market. We believe a switch into rental oriental market is already happening. Some leading industrial property portal like Estate123.com launched Landlord123 seen as activites bias towards capturing the market of rental in this period.

We will continue to stay invested but will focus into undervalued and yield oriented always.

5G network will impact property market

Imagine a designer can transfer large data files in second. Is the office still in need? Or I should say of anything that can transmit over 5G easily will be impacted. Because 4G already reshaped the market in such a huge degree. 5G is 10 times faster.

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