All markets heading better Q1

Bitcoins spike to 20K and Oil price rebound with world market keep advancing gradually. The V or U are in the race but one thing for sure money is getting smaller and market will go further.

We have also started to be more aggressive by investing some Call Warrants. We bought MBSB C32, CIMB C69, Inari C67, Layhong WA and DRB C10

We sold some Hengyuen and PetroM

Recovery of oil prices and a sudden run up. We have sold some of them in lately. But we think the speculative sentiment will drive price further as Biden is good to oil price in short term.


COVID19 situation remained worrying and as long as vaccines are not out in the market. Overall market may still difficult to perform well except speculative play. But we always take chance to adding unvalued stocks and continuous reduce debt ratio. As reducing debt ratio being the larger priority.

The gloves maniacal gloves rush

It is not a bad thing to have activities at this down time. However, excessive speculation turned become fundamental. If the top makers can justify this value but can all 2nd and 3rd liners? If one can remember 2nd board in 90s upto RM 100 and above. It proves that when there is a time without good governance. The dark forces can come back and history will repeat again.

We disposed all Bioalpha

From gloves to vaccines then pharmaceutical Companies. All being buy up even without too much of its fundamental. But as usual we do not chase High PE sticks thus we sold all at RM 0.36 average

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