We added ECOworld and MBSB

Is definitely serious but this is not really real financial crisis. Someone will done and someone will rise. Ecommerce will do better. Retail with brisk model will be challenging.

Do we need a new government at this timing?

Still very controversial and lots of reasons from both end. There is no moral and no right or wrong anymore. Politically I dont border. But economically if do we need a new government at this point?

It is non sense. A waste of time and I dont see even the new line up can have exceptional policies to steer up the economy. Especially as of this timing and I believe lot of the citizens will remember this.

It is just all personal agenda…

Unnecessary Oil crisis added weight in the market

Oil price is at USD 35 and possibly going down further. Is really not looking good for Malaysia as our budget quite based on this. With the already weighted down market. Now become a super bargain.

We bought some stocks today on Cypark,UZMA and Bursa mainly beaten down which we understand they are over reacted.

We added MBSB at 755

We are amazed but it is the fact that MBSB is at bargain. Perhaps everything is bargain. But which one will surf through this Covid-19 crisis will be a very good return in years to come.

I think 2020 is considered gone. Whatever we are doing today is preparing for 2021 indeed. We bought MBSB at 755 and in anticipate dividend yield of 5 cents in June

World Central banks cutting rates – what’s next?

Australia cut rate to 0.5%, Malaysia cut 0.25% and Fed just cut 0.5%. Overall can confirm Covid-19 crisis will prolong. In this case, our strategy will shift to using cashflow reinvesting only 20% into the market. Continue cut debts and looking for long term bargain is important.

Whatever we consider to invest will be from mid to long term. We do not see any recovery anytime within 2020.

Dow Jones worst drop in points!

The power of Covid 19 is stretching and overvalued Dow finally catch a cold. We are glad our portfolio is fully fundamental based and impact is not extended.

Will we buy at this point? Yes very mildly and we are using cashflow REITs to continue reinvest.

Don’t ask me buy which one perhaps any blue chip is an easy choice.

New coalition at this point? One of biggest unnecessary gesture

US trade war, new government for 2 years repairing the economy, Covid 19 and now at this point with a suggestion of change of government. It is an unwise move if based on my personal perspective and harmful to the country in many aspects for many angles.

But as an investor, we cant control the situation except we will now put everything on hold and watching for the development. As such,we suggest a strategy to watch at the sideline.

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