We have added Gold during this pull back.

We continue our consistent purchase of Gold with a fix amount every month. As we stressed again, we are not investing in Gold but rather as a contingency fund. We hope not to see a crash anytime soon but if so, we will use this fund to buy into the market and multiply.

US and Eurozone debt crisis – inflation rather then market crash

We dont believe that the market will crash further. As we always believe US and Eurozone issue will be prolonged. They will do whatever to cover as no one afford to do it now. The chain effect is very huge. So, even all central banks are not able to print too much money. The super low interest rate will prompt persistent inflation in the coming years. Greece however is a special case. For Italy and Spain, they still got plenty things to sell to cover their debt. The problem is whether anyone rich enough to buy. The whole world is in debt. So nothing is funny about. When all debtors stand together, do you think there is a problem?!

Speculative before Election – KLSE character

No matter government linked or private Co. Before general election for the pass many years behave the same. A lot of unsual market activity and we see it to continue at least 2 weeks before CNY as usual. More important is the General Election.

Our strategy will be riding a little with the speculative wave but selling more then buying to contra the market behaviour.

Strange volume of Mtouche, we have bought back today

It has been sometimes that we have not seen strong buying queue for this counter. We have bought back in anticipation of price upward but will sell back quickly as it revenue and profits reported not interesting. However, a 2 cents dividend may spike another 5 to 10 cents upward if there is a player.

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