Disposed Overseas at mild loss

We are not sure why Overseas has a good run these two days. But we are happy to cut loss as since it listing till now, the fundamental performance is not as to what we expect. We glad to cut loss at 210 against our cost of 220

We sold KPJ and Deleum.

We continue to amaze with high PE of KPJ given and Deleum with a surprise bonus issue annoucement to justify the recent price uptrend.

In exchange, we bought Tomei, Oldtown and Arreit

Market pull back – Greece or Slow growth? We ignoring till new data

Anything links with Greece is not a new problem. I understand the degree of the problem of Greece. Although it will not collapse the whole world but it does has an impact on Euro if it fall. But actions by the European union is clear. They have to rescue all parties involved. It will not be something new to me unless reaching the bottom line of collapse. If not, it is just another excuse for a market correction.

Slower growth? All factored but the markets of the world still moving forwards. Inflation that direct translate into higher stocks and assets prices still on going. We stay firm on market upwards bias until new data or situation may emerge.

Summary – Continue to re-invest base on values and evenly split across dividend stocks, REITs and growth stocks. Of course with some gold as well.

We increased purchase of MSPORTS and initiate a “Buy” call

We hold it shares when it first listed and follow up until today.  The stock gives stable and growing outlook on both profit and revenue.  We will consider to include MSPORTS as one of the agressive buy if another winning quarter.  Dividend of 3.11 cents before tax may be around 6-7% and undervalued by half compared to its current NTAB.

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