We bought CCB.HK at HKD 5.80

After the unstable times few months back regarding about its bad debt ratio may rises. We seen the price is stabilizing at HKD 5.70 – 5.80. We added some into our hedge portfolio.

J&J Investment Activities update on covered markets

We have coverage for main market in Malaysia and sub market in Hong Kong, Singapore and US. Hedge in Gold, properties and currency (RM, SGD, HKD, USD & AUD) We are exploring to extend our market to be invested in Australia by already started doing research in 2nd half of 2012.

What do we mean by defensive but stay investing?

What do you mean by defensive but stay investing strategy.   That’s always depend on individual preference.  But I can provide a simple example as below:

Let’s use an example of RM 10,000 as cash.  I will recommend 1) Cash RM 3,000 in FD with 3% interest rate, 2) Hedge RM 3,000 with foreign stocks and currency as priority. 3) KLSE RM 2,000 in MREITs and undervalued stocks. 4) Gold RM 1,000 5) Reduce debts if any RM 1,000.

KLCI – Rotational play on corporate exercise

KLCI will continue its thin margin movement.  We still think is another range bound week. Fundamentally we do not think the indices will keep moving up. But that’s not the case.

We see rotational play on corporate exercise.  As KLCI continue at the high side, we urge all investors practise cautious but stay invested into fundamentally sound company. 

We added IGBREIT at RM 1.370

We see IGBREIT stabilze around this price level. Eventhough we still think is not too worth in compare to all other REIT, we will mildly acquire until our min target of holding all REIT in certain amount as diversification.

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