We bought in AUD today as RM strengthen

As a continous direction, we believe Australia is not juat having advantage of minerals but also huge potential to further growth. We start to monitor Australand as we have communicating with its property division at the pass year. We found that its business and launching of properties are highly in demand and reputable.

We start accumulating Astro-CE at RM 0.045-0.05

As we favour Astro will improve its EPS and we believe it should back to its pre-IPO price within 12 months. CE conversion at RM 2.88 with ratio of 8. We believe a mild accumulation of CE with target price at min RM 0.10 is achievable. But we always advise Call warrant is high risk. Only invest with hedging purpose or you afford to lose that amount of money completely.

Adjustment – Allianz calculation of PE to be included with PA

We have received good comments for our calculation on Allianz PE to be included with PA issued. As such, the diluted PE should be at 12 times as of the current calculation. I based on diluted EPS and PE calculation, as we valued the stocks should be at 15 times as financial indsutry overview. The price recommended Alliaz price should be adjusted to be around RM 8.50 if based on diluted basis.

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