Bernanke to press on the pace of QE

Bernanke does not satisfied with the current recovery pace and signal faster pace of QE.

Simply reinforce me that the world has run out of idea to revive economy. Money will get smaller and smaller. So stay invested in asset oriented counters.

AscendasHT – On target adjusting upward

As currency values become smaller and it’s continue low interest rate environment worldwide. We look at any yield that above 7% a year will receive attention until below 5%. With mix portfolio across different countries. We continue to recommend AscendasHT as a great buy at the moment. Our target remained SGD 1.20

Real Effect on Steve now started – Apple tumbled

We have forecast 9 months earlier and we persist that if base on current Apple portfolio, Apple stock price may have hit its peak. After Steve period, Apple is not as its use to be that can create a different product that lead the market.

Whereas Samsung that create what the market needs are continue to expand its market share. You see the different? Creating market and feeding the market. Both are good strategy but Apple is at the stage that unable to create something that stun the market anymore.

Until possible things change in Apple, we continue believe Apple share price will deep below USD 400 and we are happy our position is in the money now.

農業銀行 ABC 1288 has crossed HKD 4.10

Recovery from China market plus stability in the financial segment. ABC has crossed back to HKD 4.10. We have our purchased below HKD 3.00 three to six months ago. A good bluechip profit but we will continue to hold as we believe agriculture related is always the future investment.

Japan QE announced!

With the new policy announced and double inflation target to 2%. It is almost become a trend of everywhere to make money smaller. Investment into stocks, REITs and commodities are going to be only choice vs. FD. Currency, savings, bond are going to be useless for a long time.

Rumors everywhere in Malaysia

The edge reported half day report that the market dropped 41 pts due to rumors that parliament will dissolve soon. Together with information on CDS leak that caused market down.

Personally, which I do not think it is the reason and If so. Bursa should trace those who sell today and ask them where do they heard of these news. Insider trading or market manipulation. Or may be The Edge just guess the outcome only.

Bingo is on its upward trend

Last Friday Bingo group 8220 closed at HKD 0.233. Both volume and price are upward after the official Stephen Chow ‘s show announced to be shown during CNY. One movie alone I do not expect too much spice but it is a good start after many years. More movies are expected to be produced in 2013. Together with the news of Chow has been elected as member of policy maker in Guagchow. We are glad with all these activities. I am looking at first HKD 100 mil profit target and a 20 times PE on Bingo due to Stephen Chow himself. A market cap of HKD 2 bil. Will bring current stock price above HKD 0.700. For Bingo, we bet on Stephen’s dream and his passion. Highly speculative that is not normal to us. But we believe it is once in a life time opportunity to see 10 to 100 fold increase of investment if things are right. A WarnerBross of Asia.

We expect mild to no CNY rally

As world market rally continue, we expect there won’t be any significant CNY rally for this year. As upside resistance is strong at 1700. Traditional BN so call Ang Pow stock or rally on rumors may also non existence this time as all activities are closely watch by everyone due to coming election.

We may see very mild activities on one or two counters but overall we expect coming General Election over shadow all activities. Even if there is any speculative activities, it won’t have a big margin on any run up. So be careful and don’t become you are the one giving Ang pow.

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