KLCI range bound tracing other markets for direction

Unexciting events locally and also worldwide. KLCI will struggle to look for direction. We expect not too much changes in the market and will trail other markets.

Dow Jones created another record in the week after weeks of correction. We expect China and Hong Kong market will also stabilize with Gold and AUD remained as a good bargain.

We continue to favour agriculture and weather change impact related stocks. Sub sectors like food, energy, water, recycles & etc. We will start forming our 2014 focus portfolio related mainly into these segments.

E.g. Cypark, Analabs, Plabs, BSDREIT, Kawan Food, HHH, Argricultural Bank of China, China Water, Hanegy Solar

New monitor – Ecowise.SP; Union Steel.SP; 英達公路再生科技.HK and 中國金屬再生資源.HK

KLCI will continue range bound to lower with BNM household rising debts curbs

We welcome BNM household debt rising concern and curbs. In fact, we think it should come much early even years back when the issue has been raised. However, we still think the curbs are to mild to stop the problem.

We see temp reaction towards banks and properties counters but limit to very minimal impact. KLCI will continue in range bound between 1760 – 1790 which we think 1800 is not possible at the moment.

Jim Roger favoured Malaysia market, thats good news

Jim has bought some stocks mentioned in his blog. He also pointed out that Malaysia is a quality place to invest. Except the policy need to change and make it better.

It is true that personally I feel that Malaysia is a good country to me. If politicians just a little more sensible in their policy making decision.

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