Kawan Food challenging resistance RM 2.00

This quarter result is important.   If there is 4 cents EPS will good enough to help Kawan stabilise above RM 2.00.  However, given the development of its new expansion and consistent profit growth.  We believe our 12 months target RM 2.50 may achievr earlier.

We calling a hold and if mother break above RM 2.00.  The current trading in warrant which is in the money will be a good buy.  At the moment, we are satisfy with out purchases months back and enjoying the run.

Multico diversify into Health care business

We think the diversification is not the initial intention we like the stock.  Given the rationalisation of the diversification.  We are a little disappointed Multico is going into another industry which vastly different from their existing industry. 

However, a health care business in Setia Alam is definitely an opportunity.  We think at the moment is not to do anything until more information is available.  We will hold at the moment but not adding or selling.

Janet Yellen first message – Is Ok by now!

To sum up Yellen first message as FED chairman.  Fed will continue its monetary easing strategy as long as unemployment above 6.5%.  Measuring permanent full time job rather than part time or short term job.  This mean it will be still sometimes.

Fed accessing emerging market volatility impact to US market is minimal.

We agree that this indicate a slightly stabilisation to emerging market by now.  Probably 3-6 months and we will see again.

China Water – Buy on dip below HKD 2.50

As water is the major issue for China in the century.  We believe China Water is a bargain at the current price with a target price cross back HKD 3.00.  We sold few months back at around HKD 3 to 3.1.  As the performance improving further.  The current price represent a bargain for a solid utilities counter for safe bet and yield.

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