We have disposed all HHHCorp at RM 0.195

Even though we like climate change stock. But we have still decided to dispose HHHCorp due to price variation. Our cost at average RM 0.130 given us handsome profits. We have switched to MNRB, Paramon, Hovid and Qcapita.

We disposed all Spritzer warrants

We are satisfied with our profit from Spritzer warrant.  Though looking at the trend it can goes a little higher.  We realised the profits and turned to Paramount and MNRB continuously. 

Persisted foreign buying give futures daily trading opportunity

As foreign buying become net in KLSE.  It has created a good opportunity for daily futures long trading trend.  It will be range bound but buy at the lower end and close the contract by day end.  Any correction temp is minimal.  Close any position before day end. 

We sold some Spritzer lately and changed to MNRB and Paramount.

Top 3 stock picks and Top 3 Industries we like

The first 3 months of 2014 have already passed. We have a good run on our portfolio but we also have non performers.  But in overall we strike a good return due to our focus invested counters.

We continue to accumulate our top picks: MNRB and Success, but adding Paramount will be our next quarter focus.  Paramount’s recent activities in building new University township and previous property projects will contribute significantly to its earning.  We will extend our holding on Paramount furthermore.

As per industries focus, we like Climate change related, agriculture and health care.   As the world’s climate changes, the problem for global warming gets even worse.  Green business related companies will have a better position to capture bigger market shares in the coming years. 

Agriculture is already in a stressed status for food supply. The increase in population will gradually worsen together with our climate change problem which will also stress the supply chain even further. 

Lastly, healthcare will continue to be a strong prospective segment as aging and climate change also contribute to a better prospective.

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