Kawan Food Q1 2014 result increased steadily

Year on year with a near 20% revenue increase and an almost 30% increase in profit. We continue to call for a hold in Kawan Food and buy on dip. Targeting min value at RM 2.50 and its warrant at RM 1.00 above. At the current price level of RM 1.80 to RM 1.90 is an accumulative level to us.

All our top picks in 2014 2nd half registered strong growth fundamentally. We continue to call for accumulation for MNRB, MBSB, KAWAN, PARAMOUNT & SUCCESS.

ALLIANZ Malaysia another strong quarter

Factored MH370 certain payment perhaps. Allianz still able to achieve EPS at RM 53.02 cents with revenue above RM 1 billion. With the current EPS the PE brought down to 5 times. With this consistent growth even if preference shares converted plus potential payment due to MH 370 incident. Allianz still goes strong and we continue to hold or calling buy when dip.

Paramount delivered splendid Q1 2014 result

Though a slight revenue decreased but it has registered a profit of RM 19.56 million. EPS of RM 5.79 cents giving Paramount around PE 7 times. Of course it has to be stable growth to be maintained along the year for a strong price adjustment upward.

Positive development about its new Penang Campus and property development project. Together with its Selangor Campus to be started in 2015. We continue call for a strong buy and subscribe to all its right issues. Before right issue our targeted worth of value is at RM 2.50 and above.

Strong buy call on Success, MNRB and Layhong

Success registered a continuous strong growth result with revenue grown to RM 87 Mil this quarter plus an improved yoy EPS at RM 6.41 cents. This work out to be a PE of 6-7 time and trading below its NTAB. We continue to call for buy at min target above RM 2.00.

Layhong has announced improved revenue with strong return in profit. At 10 sen a share of EPS, it has improved its whole year profit to 14 cents. If another quarter improved further with stable profit. We see Layhong will break the critical RM 2.00 level in short time and readjusting to its valuation to a fair value above RM 2.50.

MNRB slight improved in revenue but has clocked in 34 cents EPS. Rumour on potential losses caused by MH370 either is not reflected in this quarter or it has not impacted at all due to hedging. In my point of view if there is no announcement from them means the impact is minimum. That works out to be 70 over cents EPS per year which the current trading price only at 5 times. We call for a strong buy till you drop and our target at RM 8.00 minimum.

APEX Healthcare stable strong growth performance

We have been holding APEX Healthcare 4 years ago and we continue to call for a hold. Buy if market in weak position. Pharmacy and drugs related business has given APEX a stable growth trend. Strong revenue increased with mild profit increment may drive the company EPS ratio around 10 and below. Given pharmaceutical industry valuation above 15 times. APEX worth around RM 6.00 and above. With a propose bonus issue up coming. We believe the stock will be a long term hold for us.

Both YTL Corp and YTL REIT achieved stable growth

YTL Corp achieved better quarterly result with a slight reduce in revenue. YTL REIT improve both revenue and its profits. Dividend payment is continue maintain at 8% above. However, continue growth of revenue and profit are needed to keep the yield above its income. Given the brand name of YTL, we believe it is still a buy call for us. Target YTL REIT at RM 1.10 with accumulation call on current RM 0.920 price.

Tomei 1st quarter result back on track

Both revenue and profit back on track for Tomei after an up and down year for them due to Gold price drastic fluctuation. 2.96 Cents EPS will give a indicative PE back to around 5 times. However, the current stock price trading much lower that its NTA. Is still a long term buy to me. When Gold price go through its correction cycle. We see Tomei will come back to re-test its new high with a min target price of RM 1.00

KLCI and many major markets will try new high again target 1900

Regional influx of funds, money smaller effect, strong GDP growth plus within expectation bluechip quarterly result. KLCI is expecting to push towards 1900. We believe it will require few attempts before breaking decisively and stay above 1900. However, persisted foreign buying even at 1880 level create support at high side.

We are not so bullish but many times the market may not be rational. We don’t think we need to leave the market as we should let our fund continue to growth. However we will become more selective and reduce fresh buying at this level. Unless individual stock perform well in their quarterly result.

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