J&J fund expanding further to Australia property – Melbourne

As a diversification in term of geographical area. We continue our fund investment to another City – Melbourne. A city well known of her Education success and also growing metropolitan status. Even though there are a lot of development in CBD Melbourne. We still favor project right at the center to potential obtain rental returns from students and professional workers.

We chose a project near Lonsdale street. The project name is The Fifth. Upper West is another upcoming project beside the property. A major station to access the whole CBD plus walking distance to South Yarra and China Town. After reviewed more than 30 projects, we chosen this as our second entry.

We will start explore commercial project in the country in the second half and potentially a farm land to stretch our arm towards small agriculture entry.

We are disappointed on Teledata development but we continue to hold it for now

After reported consistent profit for the year. New placement recently plus positive future plan and acquisition of IPAsia Korea. SGX still notify Teledata to be delisted without further extension time allow.

Personally we don’t like Teledata potential management conflict in the pass few months. But so do SGX responsibility in taking care of the minority share holder. If SGX allows Teledata to placed SGD 0.02 to acquire IPAsia Korea. If SGX is not favor to Teledata plan of right issue to stay a float. Will SGX force the major share holder buy back all shares at SGD 0.02? What happen to the share holder of IPAsia Korea?

5 for 1 ultimate right issue should be a valid plan. If SGX is not able to approve the appeal. I would think if SGX is being to rigid but not at the angle to protect but same time govern and promote recovery company.

We will hold it for now. However in the event SGX approved its right issue plan. We will fully subscribe to Teledata 5 for 1 right shares. In the event it is going to delist from SGX. We will still like to be off market share holder. We may increase our share holding by last minute purchase to push our share holding further in the company. As we are convince with the recovery path.

In the event Teledata is offering its minority share holder an exit option. We will only consider if it is above SGD 0.015.

We believe Dow Jones and S&P will challenge further records way before a crash

We have not been factored out our prediction that Dow Jones may crashed. However, with the current momentum and ECB rate cut move. Again, money value is going smaller and smaller. Funds are cheap and hedging inflation is also naturally via stocks if not property or commodities.

We feel that Dow Jones will break 17,000 and S&P 2000 soon. We really don’t know when the market will come to an end for its bull run. We still recommend riding the current wave but slowly move your ratio of investment towards asset oriented. Reduce your credit exposure gradually to face the next disaster to come.

KLCI end the week with a weaker note and seeking new lead

We believe after aggressive foreign funds buying halted for a while. The market subjected to a lot of profit taking. We do not see too much excitement next coming weeks during the World Cup season. However, we still favor our top picks and we see the upside will further extend. During the period, Allianz, MNRB, Layhong done well.

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