Weak market sentiment continue with 1240 as support

KLCI will continue to drift range bound or lower but strong chance to maintain its weekly close above 1240.  Rotational interest on certain stocks with GST but should be short term.  Global sentiments continue to be weak with new measures may be introduced again soon especially Europe.

We suggest selective buying or nibbling into our top picks. Accumulating quality stocks will be a key success factor in the last quarter to come.

HEVEA Board – a buy call with a target price at RM 2.50

We have monitored its result for a while. Stock price from RM 1.30 rose to today RM 1.80 level. With the recent quarter 8.99 cents EPS and NTA above RM 2.60. We rated this stock as buy with a target minimum to RM 2.50. However, we don’t recommend strong buy at this stage. Mildly buying below RM 1.80 will be good.

Uncertainty prevailing and we call for selling on strength

Russian persistency in Ukraine issue over Europe is formulating a solid uncertainty in the market.  Together with lower Bluechip performance reported.  Unresolved Selangor issue and growing Ebola outbreak.  We believe a great strength to threaten the bull in short term is there.

We advise stay away from market if you are not looking for long term investment.  Selling on strength for any speculative counters.  We will short KLCI in any strength.

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