Climate changed portfolio 2015


1. Cypark – Target RM 4.00
2. Puncak – Target RM 3.50
3. HHGroup – Target RM 0.60
4. Union Steel (SG) – Target SGD 0.30
5. GCL-Poly (HK) – Target HKD 2.50


1. Freetch (HK) – Target HKD 2.50
2. Analabs – Target RM 2.50

Climate changed impacts are getting obvious

The current flood that impacts 9 states in Malaysia and may get further worsen when storm approaching by 29th and 30th Dec 2014 according to related department.

Today Air Asia crashed may due to severe weather as well.  So did two more planes in Africa and Taiwan respectively.  We pray for those on board Air Asia Surabaya to Singapore.

Besides we also recorded many severe incidents worldwide.  Base on current efforts of all nations to solve the issue may be not enough to reduce its impacts in short to mid term.

All these giving us a strong believe that climate changed related businesses will grow continuously in the coming years.  We will realign our foot steps to invest more proportion to climate changed related companies.  We are suggesting a 50% switch in new incoming funds.

Utilities, Green businesses, Food related will be our main picks in 2015.  We also advise world nations to spend more effort and time to tackle this known issues.  We can grow but think of the world and the people.

We initiated our year end bargain shopping!

We bought Paramount, Cypark, Puncak, L&G as our top picks continue emerged values.

We added Innity as we believe the game changing online marketing industry may be further grow strongly in 2015.

We also bought OUE HT SG as we continue adding SG listed REITs as yield is overall better than MREITs as of now.

Utilities, Green, Food and Healthcare are our pick of industries in 2015

Commodities price correction, choppy currency, uncertain political scenarios both local and overseas.  More important climate change impacts are more obvious.

We think the safest bet next year will be industries in Utilities, Green, Food and Healthcare.

We like Puncak, Cypark, Poly Energy (China), Alaqar (REIT), Gadang, Kawan will be our main buying interest in 2015.

We still maintain our all time top picks like MNRB, Paramount, MBSB, Success and L&G.

Besides we will look into some cloud or Internet related media companies and increase our stakes due to our believe the market is shifting towards this aggressively.

We continue nibbling while KLCI approaching 1700

Low oil prices couple with Dow Jones slide last Friday caused KLCI to test 1700 decisively.  A man mad crash due to OPEC oil politics may be a strong reason behind this.  Nevertheless emerged another great round of buying opportunity in top stocks. 

I started to find more values in the market and I am in no hurry to sweep during this winter sales.  However, I have been nibbling and will continue in many small rounds as proven in our cycle investment theory.

We bought Gadang and ARREIT today at RM 1.25 and RM 0.81.  We see many bargain like our tip picks L&G,  MNRB, MBSB, Paramount and Cypark. 

Puncak and Gadang shown value due to recent tumbled

With the contracts on hand and also the water concession deal with Selangor government. No matter on or off still give Puncak a minimum value of RM 3.50. On the other hand, Gadang contracts on hand still can keep them busy for above 2 years. With its intension to moving towards recurring income. We are optimistic the current price level good to re-enter and hold it for mid term investment. We like Puncak at RM 2.60 and Gadang at RM 1.40

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