We will be very careful in investing KLSE as potential racism sentiment emerging

While there are increasing pictures of potential racism.  We decided to hold on our investment locally follow with review. We will be very careful only select multiracial or nationalism  counters as our main factors to consider for new investment.

We want our investment in a balance or neutral mode. Just in case any esculation of such sentiment will less impacting our counters.

We bought more as Aussie dollar continues weakening

RBA Cuts Key Rate to Record 2.25%, Says Currency Overvalued.  As of today RM 2.76 vs AUD 1.  AUD has depreciated more than 15% against RM and probably more against USD.

We see AUD will continue weakens further to below RM 2.60 to RM 2.70 in 6 months.  That will be great news for our real estate investment in Australia!  Probably a 20% discounted rate to our initial targeted value.

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