Influx of money pushed HSI above 27,000

It has been a while HSI hovering below 25,000.  Few days after Easter and Ching Meng holidays. HSI is over 27,000 now.  There are many theories but back to basis is influx of funds. 

We taken this opportunity to sell out our non performing nd high valuation stocks after the rally. We sold some 東風集團股份 0489, 英達公路再生科技 6888 and 保利協鑫能源 3800. We will continue to offload if market hysterically pushing higher in coming week.

Local front we believe the market will trail the trend and start moving upwards.  We expect rotational play with focus into corporate exercise and cheap valuation segment. 

Global front we believe monetary easing in Europe.  Recovering economy in US.  China revise of its tightening policy.  If oil price recover to USD 60 to 80 range.  A perfect bull rally again can be formatted.

Our strategy remained the same. We buy low at advantage.  Focus into climate change, agricultural & food and asset oriented.

We bought AUD further while it was weak last week

We have bought in AUD at below RM 2.80 spot rate.  We like AUD at this level as it is also close to AUD 1 against USD 0.755.  We may possibly see another downward of Aussie dollar but possibly not far from the current level.  Unless Oil price recover back to USD 60 to 70 that may strengthen RM back to its level.

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