We will continue support KLCI 1st day after Merdeka Day!

We believe KLCI will trail Fed and China movement.  We continue to believe that once a one time interest rate raise by FED.  US dollar may face temporary sell off until FED next move which we believe can be only happened in 2016.

We continue to also believe that China still has a lot of bullets to ensure its market stable from this level.

Local front oil may recover further or to form a genuine bottom around USD 35.  But we believe OPEC does want to see it around USD 50 to 60.

With also Malaysia budget to be soon tabled.  We believe the over budget on oil issue at USD 110 will be over.  Perhaps BNM will be more agressive in defending RM at 4.2 level. 

After October, we believe recovery on its way back to above 1650 to 1700.  Although main street and stock market still weak.  There are definitely lots of good valued stock can be invested.  In short we still don’t see any factor that can cause another 1997.

Happy Merdeka Day!

58 years since independence.  We hope the country’s leaders will manage the country with a more concious approach.  People first policy oriented is the key to a better future. 

We don’t understand the explanation of RM 2.6 Billions too

To our records we may be wrong, if so we apologize.

1. Najib encourage UMNO members have the spirit to fight like ISIS!

2. Then his government declared them as terrorism.

3. Then police force has rumours them target local Chinese tycoon for ransom.

4. Then his regime noted that the donation is to thank Najib to against them.

5. Then the donation becomes against Jews funding of opposition.

We are confused and not smart enough to understand too.

Probably a good time to start accumulate oil related stock

At USD 38 and rebounded to USD 40 above.  We have monitored the movement and we do feel that it is too low to sustain the price at this level for future production.  Furthermore, if China slow but US has resumed it’s upward momentum.  We believe oil price will regain it’s strength once Iran and OPEC issues surrounding oil finally digested.  We bought UZMA at RM 1.71 and we will start to buy more if prices are cheap.

We bought again today as prices of stock getting irrestible

We bought MNRB at RM 3.13, Affin at RM 2.20, Airasia at RM 0.93 average, ARREIT at RM 0.810, IGBREIT at RM 1.27, Paramount at RM 1.45 and Cypark at RM 1.45.

We wanted to note that thought many current issues surrounding AirAsia recently. Low oil and budget flying will be always having an advantage in slow market conditions. They may be USD loan on planes that have purchased. But with the current climate is pretty balance for the airlines. Further drop may trigger aggressive buying by our fund.

Main street sentiment still not as bad as 1997

I think the situation is definitely not as bad if compare to 1997.  Perhaps there are still plenty of money around and business as usual. 

Plenty of people in the mall and some cars brand still sell with record units.  Perhaps a good sign to show the market has a good root.

Now is the turn for Dow plunged 530

A series of money outflow from equities markets continues after currency war sparked. China slows is already a fact for long time. We believe the situation has been more difficult on top of already bloody Asian markets.

At this moment we will see the path of recovery will extend not be anytime near. Next support of KLCI will be at a critical 1,500. However we will still mildly buying stocks in value with asset
Oriented as basis as main criteria from now.

We reduced Cheetah holdings by half

we have eventually decided to reduce Cheetah taking this opportunity switched to Airasia, Affin, MBSB, Marco and Cypark.

We have hold Cheetah for many years but now we think they are no longer competitive and have strength.  Although NTA is still strong but in face of H&M and Uniglo.  We believe if these shops extending to all cities.  They will have a big impact to Cheetah.  Let’s not mention Padini also gaining market share covering the same segment.

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