Will there be a Pre-Chinese New Year rally?

Yes we think so.  We seen some rhythm building up.  Especially the current environment is towards recovery both global and locally. We expect to see some sparks in CNY particularly small cap or penny stocks will be the hot spot.

We started to add KLCC REIT

We have reinvested our REITS return to KLCC REIT. After we have collected our minimum quantity of ALSREIT.  We would like to increase our holding on KLCC with its potential both from REIT and it’s development busienss.  We bougjt at RM 7.04 to 7.07 today.

We disposed Axiata-C4 and changed to Malakof-CG

We have disposed all Axiata-C4 at RM 0.11 and switched all to Malakof-CG at RM 0.04.  We like Malakof-CG even though the price dropped back from high of above RM 0.10.  For next six months we believe a fair opportunity to move back to RM 0.08 for its Call warrant.

Axiata recent acquisition of Nepal telco created some sparks. We taken this chance to disposed off all and move to Malakof-CG that we think may give better return.

We bought Affin-CT and OSK-WC

As we continue to forecast oil and RM recovery in next 6 to 12 months. We added more warrants to improve our potential return. However we only mildly invest as we are not the advocate of high risk speculation but cautiously calculated risk.

We will need to get use to the words “Dow Plunged”

Renew speculation that FED will rate again in March. Vice versa some called FED inconsiderate to raise rate while China slowing down.  Whatever reason but it is already a norm and you have to get use to the word “PLUNGED”. Probably above 10% will call Tsunami.  If you are still in the market. Be more prepare and get use to these words.

We exited Gadang and sold some Kawan for CIMB and KTC

We have exited Gadang at RM 2.24 and sold some Kawan at RM 3.50.  We have exchanged with our capital mainly to CIMB at RM 4.54 and mildly at KTC RM 0.295.

We have also bought some PBA at RM 1.25 and continuous buying ALSREIT at RM 0.95 to reach our portfolio target.

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