Fed changing view within just 3 months

Fed tone lowered drastically compare to 3 months ago FED and lots of analyst forecasting several interest rate hike in 2016.  A month ago more than 70% analysts forecasted oil will tank to USD 15 per barrel.  If you listen to all these analysts. You are not going to make money from the market.

Record hot weather recorded everywhere

When this is a growing phenomena. Energy company will tend to do better. Environment friendly or green company will improve result across time.  Our strategy will be the same with green companies as one of our focus.

We put a hold on MBSB after new right issues

We are not very convinced another cash call just after the previous exercise.  The only comment is the management of MBSB lack of long term planning.  We would like to call on a hold and change our status on MBSB to monitoring stage.

Financial markets are speculative in nature.

Oil from USD 110 to USD 27 and back closing to USD 40.  Today financial markets are dominated by speculation that drive part a nation economy.  The best strategy will always be the same. Know the value of the asset. When price low be brave to buy more and when price high be scary to dispose. 

If you find something can have a return of more than 100% in 3 to 5 years. Forget about the volatility and just keep holding it.

We bought CIMB and ALSREIT

We are adding CIMB as below RM 5 for us is consider a good value.  Given the bank is doing more to enhance share holder value. Covering regional ASEAN with a potential of world biggest market when adding China.

We also like ALSREIT recent results and it’s ptoperty portfolio.  

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