FED said there are bubbles in stocks

Indeed is a fact. Conventional ways of measuring a stocks above 20 to 30 PE is when you are in dominant position and can keep grow rate exponential.  We are a little aggressive but we still do not advocates PE 20 and above.

We will close all future positions ahead of Brexit

As we really do not have any clue which direction it will goes. Leading indicator shown to remain but we don’t take position when we are not sure.  If Brexit is on, we will join the short. If Brexit is off, we will wait as market already factored mostly.

We short Bitcoin at 720 level

Virtual currency is indeed more fluctuating than normal currency. In our view we just don’t understand the justification of its recent rally. Mainly due to Chinese investors and Brexit.

Social media enlarged issue of individualism and Computer games keep people in virtual reality

Ever since the extensive popularity of social media flooded in the last decade.  Somehow I feel that although we know each other well with instant update. However, distance between people has become never been away further before.

We use to sit down with friends and relatives for gathering. After work session with colleagues.  Travel real far to meet each others.  All these made possible with instant updates. But the actual people factor is not longer  available.

People are more individualistic never before.  From humble of everyone until today that everyone is something.  Everyone like to share with everyone with even their daily routines.

Then come with even much powerful computer games.  Much addictive for teenagers and even adults.  Everyone thought they are heros and living in a virtual reality.   Many people consider themselves are combat specialist or immortal.  That’s also given the strong relationships of shooting cases worldwide.

The rise of new communication channel and virtual reality are putting conventional people relationship and humble attitude at risk.   Possibly even start with less use of power bank to ensure we reduce the use of smart phone.  Go back to basis. Let’s have more hugs and kisses.  That’s what suppose we are as human.

Adoption of wait & see attitude further sided bear advocates

Central banks are locked with their hands with low rates.  Piling up ultra high debts prevent continuous huge infrastructure spending.

Companies and retails further adopted wait and see attitude. Without spending is the key killer of any type of economy. 

We don’t like to see this happens as more people will suffer.  However, stake is higher that the chance of a severe slow down in coming years.

Shanghai Disneyland Opens signalling strong economy

Whether you like it or not. Any Disneyland opened outside US is in strong localized and travel economy.  China is here to stay as financial super power.  It is going be even bigger in years to come. I am happy to continue holding Chinese stocks in mid to long run.

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