Keep your winning and cut your losing quick

No one will always got 100% right in investment. However, practising focus on your winning and cutting your losses quick is important. If I am wrong at some points, I will cut loss and reportfolio. If I feel that’s a right decision. I will continue to focus buying up until it is at a fully valued at my perception.

Apple – we long further at USD 113

This is the 5th time we long Apple in 2 weeks.  We longed Apple after the announcement of iPhone 7.0 and price dropped back to USD 113 level.  We believe IPhone 7.0 hit the hot button and will do well in 2017.

Budget 2017 is near – infrastructure companies heating up

Gamuda and Gadang are getting a lot of support in speculation more projects will be awarded.  Especially Gamuda-WE with persisted buying volume continuous emerged.  

As for Gadang, beside of speculative play. It’s EPS is stabilizing and with the announcement of bonus issues and free warrant will further boost short term buying interest.

We sold Gadang before and we have bought back some at RM 2.93 and Gamuda-We at RM 1.33. 

We expect also both fiscal and monetary assistance to property segment soon.  However we still think it is not the best time to invest property Stocks as the slow economy will prolong.

Fiscal policy should be extended to privately driven and enforced

All governments are keep pumping money. Large corporate and individual billionaires are reaping profits.  If these entities are not spending and everytime looking for immediate ROI.  The cycle will continue until a day they will own the country.  Enforment is needed to ensure they are investing into the economy even during a slow time.

China economy will soon bounce back

More data shown that China is slowly overcoming all issues step by step.  Increasingly we believe a good recovery year in 2017.  We will start relook into beaten down stocks and add on to our portfolio.

Aliens are the only investor may buy into Earth

Many things are undervalued and bargain queuing up in all markets.  But why all markets still depressed? US interest rate about to raise? Possibly about the whole world is under weak credit ratings.  So who will be the contrarian and think Earth is cheap now?  Aliens, yes that’s right aliens if there are any of them exist.  

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