Ahealth- a hold call as a long term growth stock

May stock masters in Malaysia may have missed AHEALTH. a consistent growth Healthcare company which we have invested since 2010.  a strong compound growth with Dividend.  We are still holding the stock as of now and we love to continue Holding the stock.

CIMB – Buy on weakness 

With its revenue and profit both consistently adjusted upward.  EPS of 11.74 cents will provide an PE of 13 times and above. Our call is to add on during weakness. Our target remained the same at above RM 8.00

There are substantial the other half also on Wall Street

Flooded with news and perception that the market will fall and crash. however the market did perform well after Trump elected. The fierce forces of short selling covered perfectly and closed with record high for DJ.

A clear divide also happening in the financial market. In this scenario, staying neutral should be a good stand from now on.  Personally I have a different view with Jim Roger that the market eventually may crash if the world Debt issue is not resolved. But it is definitely not at this point in time. May be not even short to mid term.

We are optimistic with the market response to Trump 

We are surprised and we will start mild buying into the market. we have no change with our view that next year will be slow but recovering upward.  We thought the market at least will take a plunge for days. nevertheless market reacted really well to Trump’s won.

Trump won and market taken it well!

For a day of limbo when futures once dropped 900 points. By market open, Dow Jones becomes positive and we have two surprise in a day. However, good news to the financial world as one uncertainty removed.  Notes always have 2 sides.  Some losses and some will benefits. however,  we just don’t eexpect the market and come back real quick.

Create a system not to just pick stocks

No one in this world can be 100% accurate to pick stock and win. The best approach is always if you have a system. I use cash flow positive model then following with stocks pick.  

If I am right I will continue increase my holding of the stock. if I am wrong, I will cut lose and move to my top picks for the period again.

It also depends on one resources. whether you can have the experience, people and contacts to understand one company in detail.

It can be also one person alignment of character. Green Investor likely focus in eenvironmental friendly business. Some may be limiting themselves because of religious limitation as well.

For me, Cash flow positive model in my portfolio is my experience. I may not grow exponential at the beginning but this will be a stable vechlie that can lead to cross over any limbo. Most important profit from Limbo.  

What if Trump win? 

Sentiment wise just like Brexit and we believe it will have immediate short term impact on his Protectionism philosophy of economy.  However I am not optimistic about Clinton as a President as I do not see her with solid Tactical economics plan.

US market will be in limbo for a while but Asian market will be affected possibly till year end.

I am not worry about world economy but I worry about tones of short sellers

Personally I forecasted a slow recovery but subject to bumby ride.  However, short sellers are over numbered.  We are worrying we may need to hedge our portfolio further.

So far our strategy in 2016 to stay invested but focused in asset oriented and dividend grow stocks is well positioned.  Our cash flow model in our portfolio may also strong enough to weather and keep buying low when market against us.  Very important is our Gold position is always standby for another round of crisis investment.

We are definitely not worry about the economy but again we are very worrying about the short sellers. 

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