USD shown weakness and RM strengthen 

When a currency is forecasted to do well.  Together with overvalued USD where US think it is too strong that maybhurt export.  We think the stock market will start to do well even better in months to come.  It is still not late as the momentum has begin not too long ago. 

We think most things will do well in Malaysia and ASEAN.  Except excessive properties will need time to fill up.  It is over built as the major reason.  

China GDP grow 6.9% a good sign but N. Korea may be a focus from now

I think it is not easy to trigger mini war something like in middle east.  As the scale of N. Korea is much bigger and the impact to S. Korea, Japan and China may be huge. Because of this, a war started in the regime will fill world wide market crash and recession.  I use to think it won’t happen but with a Young leader in N. Korea and Trump as president. There is a slight chance of a crash. That’s worrying. We will monitor the situation closely if there is a change of strategy.

We will add on OSK and OSK-WC 

We like it’s recent project in Melbourne JV with EPF.  We also like it’s Windmill project in Genting. Beside, RHB Bank will recover towards end of the year.  A very good bet to hedge both Stocks, Financial and Property in one counter. Only thing is its history may not be easy to make money from OLH counters.

A mini bull in the making

Fundamental has not changed much but I believe due to previous year selling over done.  Plus funds are flowing back to ASEAN.  Rotational buying are happening in KLSE.  Jakarta is at record high as well.  We believe this will persist for a moment. 

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