Time to buy stocks?

Yes mildly as to the situation of N. Korea. Never bet on something we cant control. As long as managing risk. Buying mildly into quality stocks is our current move.

Our suggestion as of today market price includes CIMB, MBSB, YSPSAH, INSAS, KEN, OSK and AFFIN.

A period of holding rather than attack

While the market is looking for lead. The see saw trends around the globe and balanced opportunities vs threat. It is a very idle market as of the moment.

We suggest nibbling while market correct. But sell if any counters goes against the trend and go higher.

Our current top 5 MBSB, CIMB, YSHSAH, INSAS and OSK.

Not just Bitcoins perhaps everything defied conventional economics

Dimon of JP Morgan comment about Bitcoins sent its value down by 10%. Should his or similar comment come too late. But today nothing is moving logically including USD strength where it is the most debt currency on earth after pounds. Everything run on trend. Either you catch the right trend or you should be very sure back to traditional value investing approach. The power of speculators and unwanted monies are too much and too powerful.

We are consolidating our portfolio towards dividend oriented

We have seen many stocks are at its best performance and earning growth may take a pause. We have disposed a number of holding and even REITs towards more stable dividend yield companies.

So far we have been right on stocks, currencies and oil. As we are now awaiting our new understanding about the direction in 2018. We are taking a more prudent approach to stay invested but consolidating to stable growth yield oriented stocks

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