Record breaking 11.11.17 signified the reality of e-commerce era

The record is broken every year and Iincluded even more participants. I cannot accurately forecast the impact. Perhaps no one can do it. But I believe a strong impact is coming in next decade. Perhaps only the large ecommerce platform will dominate the market. Commercial property demand will be reshaped. Some jobs created and some jobs are loss.

In term of investment point of view. I think I will focus into traditional business that no matter what transformation but still playing a key role in the economy like bank, product manufacturing, commodities, healthcare and etc.

It is difficult to look for a definite segment. I will stay calm but I think Alibaba will definitely cross USD 200.

Oil recovered above USD 60

As we forecasted oil price will be hovering between USD 65 to USD 85. RM is also recovering to USD 4.19 and AUD 3.21 respectively. We believe the upside will continue and we will continue focus our investment locally.

We are delighted MBSB merger confirmed

I think the price to acquire AFB is not high nor low. But most important MBSB is very goal oriented. It is continue a buy call but merger may drag another quarter or two with reduce profit due to cost of merger. Overall is a continuous buy call.

I will buy some BjCorp

Vincent Tan back to be the chief will give confidence and activities. In Malaysia many businesses are leadership oriented but not system. Thus, will buy some BJcorp.

Bitcoins should first burst follow by a sizable crisis

Bitcoins will definitely burst. But can become an excuse to trigger song waited correction across the globe. No one know when perhaps it is near.

Stay invested but reduce debt ratio and increase income stocks. Buy a little of Gold and cash it out to buy stocks when correction.

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