Bondcano? It should have come early but I don’t time market

I used to time the market but eventually found those who make the most money mostly invest from value. Why time the market when you can have a cup of coffee when market crash and you can pick some bargain from there?

This is nothing but another round of man made subjects for money to move around.

We start accumulating Rhonema

We have re-enter Rhonema after we exited at RM 1.4 before. We like the company but the recent loss of a product distribution may impact the stock for a while. But replacement of new portfolio from Ceva Animal health looks positive. We will accumulate from now. Expecting a weak 1st quarter but I will take this opportunity to buy more. You know we always like food chain related company and Rhonema play an important role in this chain.

MBSB improved quarter and 5 cents dividend

Not a rocket size and it’s earnings will continue to improve. With the bank license on hand and repositioning with better portfolio. I am expecting MBSB will be a good mid to long term growth stock. The announcement of 5 cents per share surprised me. Nevertheless, the path towards our target of RM 1.80 and above within our expectation.

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