Iskandar Johor and Great KL are moving forward

The master development plan for both zones are encouraging. I see a of activities ahead that will definitely spur economy growth. How much and how extensive are just statistics.

I personally may think of investing into a Golf Villas while waiting for the growth. One of the key eye catching project of Iskandar Forest City. Fringe Villas with just 2000 over sf is my preference. Just good enough for a family short stay. Play a round of golf and drop by Singapore for another weekend with kids.

Investing into lifestyle while enjoying return of capital or even Homestay in luxurious form may generate good return.

Is KLSE too high?

If you look at blue chips especially some retails with PE 30 to 50 times. My answer is yes. But if you look at some stocks it is trading much lower than NTA with consistent earnings. Not even to mention growth. I think it is a bargain.

It will be same as property. There are values always within the pool. The challenge is always how to bring them out from pool.

IMF warned increase risk in global financial system

It is not something new. I guess already anticipated by many however either low rate money supporting the grow or the top 1% is preparing for it to come. As for me, the debt just doesn’t look logical as bubble assets plus starts up that did not come with earning potential may create instability of the system. Ops let’s not forget bitcoin that from nothing become something. I still cant find the equal trade for bitcoin and who is paying the asset price of bitcoin.

MBSB Bank has a RM 6 Billion loan to process in 2018

I am not sure if my understanding is correct. If its loan portfolio last year only near RM 40 billion. A RM 6 billion pipe this year for affordable housing means a comfortable loan growth of more than 10%.

Be it the loan profit margin may be lower. With its growth in 2018 on commercial loan and other new things to come. It is a easy choice for me to add more. I bought MBSB again at RM 1.16

Tech stock is tumbling? It just adjusting back to basis

Not all tech stocks are overvalued but overall yes. PE is not everything but generally a guideline. Anything above 30 times are overvalued. Everything above 100 times are crazy. If PE at 300 times? Can anyone guarantee the profit to be doubled every year? It should perhaps back to basic.

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