We continue bargain hunting weekly

Yes, the market is now cheap. I am not sure how long need to hold on. But I would like to add on my hokdings. I bought CIMB, Rhonema and KIPREIT. Looks like lots of things to buy. Great value in the market.

We have a hold call on Apex Healthcare

This is one of our mid term winner as our return is more than 260% with dividend yielded across 4 to 5 years. Their business model remained a growth stock and recent Europe approved its products will stir growth. Current PE of 17 times remained manageable. We will continue to hold on for this stock.

We are back in acquiring properties as the market sentiment moving to its bottom

I like to start buying properties especially in the period where developers offer lots of goodies for your purchase. Still location is my first selection criteria, second will be developer and third the theme. Lastly, they must have GRR, profit sharing or money flow subsidies for at least two to three years. Overall local properties market need around 3 to 5 years for a turnaround.

The regional selloff deepen but we continue nibbling

The emerging market selloff has deepen. Money are leaving South East Asia. It comes and it goes. The important is stick to quality value stock investment with dividend yield.

We have bought into CIMB and Maybank mildly. We also bought into WCT and Gadang mildly due to its seriously beaten down pricing due to mega projects being cancelled. Potentially also their links to the previous government. But among all, we like WCT and Gadang as these two companies both have assets and business from other source like mall operation and utilities.

The current trend of market may need sometimes to recover. But it has value in the market. We will pick those qualify fundamental with dividend yield as priority of our bargain hunting.

We added CIMB, KIPREIT, Gadang and WCT but disposed MNRB mildly.

We are taking chance to slowly exit MNRB. We think MNRB is highly undervalued but the style of managing the company return to share holder does not make sense.

We bought CIMB and KIPREIT. But we also added Gadang and WCT that linked politically to the previous government. But their assets, recurring revenue and contacts in hand will be still look good for at least 2 years.

KLCI can move beyond 2000 and 3000 if things back to basis

Emerging markets are strong but a developed economy will move stock market even further. If things back to basis. Everyone is doing their best in their interest. Forget about race, religions, level of life. Respect each other and do what is necessary. KLCI will move beyond 2000 to 3000. It is not a dream. Real fund and real growth of listed companies mostly in fair, regulated, business friendly environment.

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