MBSB Q2 result lowered by 6% is disappointing but will hold

Without any solid reason and if based on it’s own announcement. It is disappointing and by now it should have a few quarters continue to write back its precious write off. We call for a hold with TP continues to be around RM 2.

Updated with the result of the quarter mainly affected by the sales of conventional business as a milestone to be a full Islamic Bank.

When Automation is flooding the industry, how do you invest?

Unless you are following companies overseas like Kuka. You will not have much choices in Malaysia. To secure and growth your investment. Property is a good choice but not easy to get the right one when market full of over supply.

To invest into some companies that participated or in the segment of automation also difficult as most local companies lack of governance.

Perhaps the best is still banking, insurance and utility where conventionally needed at any given time.

My best is climate change and agriculture. But again it is difficult to find quality company in this segment.

But you need to something. Perhaps the most safest best is still energy where robotics arm needed energy to be powered up.

MNRB – Jewel to nothing!

It used to be my top holding where they are well managed, consistent profit and high dividend yield. However since a flood in Kelantan years ago. It has started to make loss and stop paying dividend until right issues.

We already started to sell off since a year ago gradually as we do not believe in a high income company but retained lots of income without paying back to its share holder.

Without solid reason, it has called for a right issue. If that’s the need of cash. They can easily budget some yearly profit as capital injection to reinvest into its business units.

Luckily we have been disposing since a year ago and left not more than 30% of our original holding. There is no need to do panic selling as the stock is still profitable. But it has then changed from our principal of selecting a stock.

We will continue to dispose when price stable further. We can holding until right issue but will likely selling off its right without going further.

MBSB Dividend reinvestment plan at RM 1.02

MBSB is still our top pick and we are delighted with its reinvestment plan. However, due to its peers are running fairly low. We decided only to reinvest 30% of its dividend. The balance will be invested into other bargain in the market.

Cash flow investment model is always in advantage during subdue market

As we always recommend that within your portfolio. You will need to maintain a minimum of 30% of stocks as income base. As market always up and down and common investors do not have the luxurious of extra cash to keep buying even market is cheap.

Only via cash flow oriented investment model. You will find at the upper hand as to buy low. Then get some debts to buy properties. When market is low in sentiment. Property market will be slow too. Developers have to come out with lots of ideas to ensure consistent sales.

It will be great if you have follow us always to ensure portfolio is dividend oriented. If market recover in a day be it short or long term. When stocks getting expensive. Sell overvalued and repay debts that may borrowed from low interest.

The cycle continue and you are going to be good during every bull or bear.

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