YSPSAH earnings improved

Until it can consistently earn the same amount. Otherwise, we still maintain a hold or slightly positive to mild buy. Its fair value based on this quarter easily fetch a price of RM 4.00.

A consistent earning will earn a fair chance to power up stock price. Just like APEX healthcare. It is gradually but with upward trend.

Trump trade war may accidentally trigger worldwide crisis

Turkey is a hard case if not enough on China, Russia and ASEAN. Most currencies are not as bad but speculators taken chance. Is very simple as the no 1 country owe most people money is US. However, their recent policies thought to be beneficiary to US. But they forgot many other entities are vulnerable after decades of miss management.

Eventually US market alone cannot survive itself if no export or cost of goods become expensive without the help of low cost countries.

So far so good but the risk to trigger world wide crisis is looming.

Climate change vs GDP grow

Whenever a growth is required every year. The environment will stressed further by the growth as resources are needed. However how many companies, leaders and investors can accept a story of no growth to help the climate?

A period of Seesaw effect

This is exactly the market trend that we are expecting until year end. As for KLSE we believe is to be a bias upward. As for other markets are majority a bias downward.

Our strategy is clear. We will continue buying on dip. MBSB at 1.08 is undervalued. As for stocks, we like MBSB, CIMB and KEN are our main bet.

As for MREIT, we like AXREIT, KIP, MQREIT.

Growth stock or blue chip with dividend yield will be only our target now

Due to the uncertain market condition. We will continue stay invested with the strategy focused into growth, stable and yield. As I really do not know how much time longer though my forecast is within 12 months is always my target.

Our portfolio will continue covering stocks with the above criteria. Beaten down REITs with 6% yield and potential capital gain. Good potential property by well known developer with GRR or managed service.

Cashflow model continue kick in with good effect to keep buying into the market.

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