My favourite Smallcaps

HHHCorp – Our impact investment pick with low entrance price. Climate change continue and I believe in impact investment. A great stocks to invest but governance may not draw significant investment from me.

AYS – Great undervalued steel producer. Consistent earning and I may think they will survey through any slowdown. I like its dividend strategy as well.

Marco – Distribution base and nothing we like except a strong brand Casio. Casio G Shock has revolutionized and it has reflected much in its stocks listed overseas. Casio continues success in market share will drive Marco EPS.

KEN – A property developer with recurring revenue as strategy. NTA is very high and the current traded price is highly undervalued. It is one of our largest holding in Small cap segment.

Rhonema – A vet based pharmaceutical company. I always like agriculture, health care, financial and climate impact related stocks. It has a very stable sales and profit history. Personally I think this is good stocks.

Pantech – Recovering oil price will keep its business busy for the next few years. I have been investing and profiting from this counter. I just think the current price is too low and worth to invest on it.

EIG – Some inconsistent earning in last few quarters. We like the industry and EIG as well. But I am not sure what has changed within the directorship. We continue to hold but we are not buying more either.

Crisis in Indonesia? I have doubts

I have gone through several crisis in my life times. I have been travelling to Jakarta pretty frequent. Honestly, it just does not look a crisis. Beside of currencies dropping to new low. All economics activities remained vibrant. Personally it is just another round of elite capatalist playing a money game.

Buying only dividend yield stock for now

I do not know where the markets will head in short to mid term by now. I will only invest into dividend yield with growth stock at the moment. My objective is to have good cashflow while during this unpredictable period. Thus I can have higher end of the supply chain in stocks purchases.

Lot of undervalued companies in the market now

If someone asked me which company you would like to invest. I think you can choose a vast options in KLSE now. Today we bought Pantech as we think its business activities and earnings deserved better fair value. We bought at RM 0.45 today. We also added KIPREIT as we still like it as long as below RM 0.90.

Satisfying Q2 earnings for almost all companies in our portfolio

From financial Maybank, CIMB, RHB Bank to SME Ken and even our top periodic pick of KIPREIT. All shown solid results even a tough after GE14 correction.

Our largest holding MBSB registered reduced profit due to conversion of conventional loan to full Islamic base loan.

Even our long term growth portfolio like Apex Healthcare, OSK, YSPSAH and EIG also returned to profits.

We will continue our mid to long term investment strategy.

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