What will happen if China slow down?

First to hit will be US economy as China though not buying lots from US. But countries beneficiary to China did so. Overall markets will remain sluggish and poor. But we will pick up some blue chips while on it’s way down.

Cash flow model will be on advantage

If you are working on your portfolio with positive cash flow model. You will be on the high side as your reinvestment can be very powerful due to the current market conditions. Everything you invest will increase your ROI much higher across time. Don’t be afraid to buy companies with values. Also expect the worst may not be over. Buy gradually..

Is this a major correction?

I still don’t see it is a major correction worldwide. Personally I think it is a good time to buy lots of undervalued stocks. I am buying CIMB, MBSB, Pantech and some over beaten Jaks.

I am also subscribed to all MNRB as it has dropped to highly undervalued level. We sold down from RM 2.7 to RM 2.4 before right issue announced. But when it ex at RM 1.50. It further dropped below RM 1.10. We subscribed to all balance rights given to us.

Gamuda and Dow Jones forced KLSE south

Cancellation of the project caused a series of sell off on Gamuda. Perhaps short selling activities increased the vulnerability. Timing couple with Dow Jones selloff. KLSE dropped below 1700. However, we see this is an opportunity and we have appetites. We bought CIMB at average 5.63, MBSB at 945, Pantech 465 and JAKS at 935. I do not know how to time the market but i just like to buy undervalued stocks.

Developing a price of your own on a stock

Some called it fair value. Some use NTA, some use book value and some use PE ratio. But you must develop a view or price a stock. So that when market go below your price. You can start accumulating. When Markey goes beyond your price. You can hold or dispose. That’s basic buy low sell high but you got to know your price.

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