LGE is the right Finance Minister at this time

Many people may have different views on him. This include myself that he may not done well as a politicians. However, he is the right person for Finance Minister in Malaysia at the right time and right government line up.

Typical market turbulence may not need strong growth but stable balance sheet. So we think RM will do well in 2019.

World markets heading to worst close in years

Major markets are heading to its worst performance for years. I am still not convince it is a major crash and bear in 2019. But our approach of stay invested but with dividend yield strategy still well. We will continue mild buying when market is low.

Being a Landlord is not that straight forward. I am co-working with an e-Commerce team to have a solution

Since 1997 when I first started to invest into my first home. I have been an active investor in property market beside of stocks.

From residential investment to commercial and even foreign property investment one single key point is difficult to be a landlord.

Common problems that I am facing include

1) Consistent damages and not able to recover from security deposit.

2) Not able to precautionary warn tenant before sometimes major change of structure without the consent of landlord.

3) Not able to trace the problem reported and document down it before tenant wrap up their final month tenancy.

4) What should I do in term of tax reporting? What can be depreciated and what is the final profit in should report my tax income.

5) Is there any tool for all agent to easily use it and manage the property for me?

We come out with an idea. By phase and priority in solving landlord being victimized. Try out this app by click this Landlord123 download. Leave us a comment and let’s us improve to help in creating a better tool for all investors.

Happy investing!

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