Recovery Insighted – We changed our position short term to aggressive

I may be wrong again, but I believe this time round if covid 19 is not going to mutate further. The market is set to recover. Being calculating the total infected cases and also vaccinated population. The virus is hard to spread further.

As such, we changed our position to aggressive buying. Main focus into Jaks WB, WC, CC and CE. Following up with Serba Dynamik C26. As derivatives speculative investment. We also like MBSB C37 and MBSB C39.

As for stocks, we bought Dayang, DNEX as aggressive purchased. We stopped all essential purchases as of now

Admid double crisis, we will add more next week

Crisis of Covid 19 and crisis of political uncertainty. We will see a difficult week next week. But, for years we seen KLSE is almost at the lowest after series of sell down. But we will not get involved into Semicon counters.

On the other hand, our top holdings MBSB may faced pressure due to CEO passed away. A respect to him and may him rest in peace. As he has done a great job in the last few years in transforming MBSB. Being said so, it may be new blood to come in and this will be a new management soon. At this point, we will buy on weakness tomorrow for a week.

Our buying in the current trend – Cypark, Tenaga, Sunreit and Topgloves. We have also collected mildly on some Call Warrants for CIMB, MBSB and Jaks. We have also buying in aggressively for Jaks-WB. Unless unforseen issue arises relating to all these counters. We are having a buy call as of now.

We also bought mildly on DNEX as we think the turnaround of Siterra worth to pay attention as of today trend.

Due to money getting smaller. Properties and stocks market everywhere are heading up except South East Asia that attacked by Delta without enough vaccines. But I guess this will be the best time to reenter the market.

We nibbling essentials

The current market is cheap. With sky rocketing Covid 19 cases and political turmoil. However, we are not sure anymore when the market will recover. So we nibbling essential TNB at RM 9.70. Topgloves RM 3.78. MBSB at RM 590. But we have added speculative Jaks-WB at RM 0.270 consistently In few days.

Our strategy is turn very caution but bargain hunting essentials. Stay safe.

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