MBSB and MIDF merger is positive

After the submission of the proposal to BNM. It make sense for both to create values because of each other weakness. After the merger, both will be able to offer more products to the market especially the Islamic section.

Price at RM 58 cents is a steal. Perhaps the only reason the price struck is because of huge holding of EPF. I still think the best is to take it private at book value. Option for share holder to be remained in new share. Realize the value of a universal Islamic bank going forward.

Hard landing is coming

As post COVID inflation continues and is magnified by war. Inflation is becoming worsen. Central banks like Fed chosen to aggressively hike rate. Hard landing is the only path as it is trading recession with inflation problem.

I don’t know how to solve it. But sustainable investment strategy is the only option from now. I will only buy REITs and Banks. Full stop.

Is Cryto crash similar to dot com crashed in 2000?

Similar subject, similar psychological support and resistance. Similar stories. Perhaps will left a few final survival but will wipe out a lot of starter. If not this round will be the same cycle soon will come. It will come back after a perfect storm. To become stable and servings the original purpose as a crypto currency.

Is the bear over..being an optimist all the time. Stay away

We have just gone through a century once pandemic. We may see a century once climate change or even century once happened inflation. What do we do? Reduce your debts. Reduce your speculative holdings, turn to sell all warrant maturing in a year or two. Cut your losses. Go into recession proof stocks. Stay away tech. Be calm, ride through a 50/50 massive pull back.

Inflation .. ok finally people realised

Lots of money printed, soaring energy prices. Interest rate increase and yes. It is going to continue for sometimes. Ifarket soft landing. Banks will be next wave hero. If hard landing, we all need to take a break for a year or two again.

Is MBSB and MIDF merger positive?

To me the answer is certainly. I am not sure why the price remained at this stage. Merger via share swap or even taking MBSB private and offer new share to realise its value can be in the card. I think after the acquisition, MBSB bank will be the largest Islamic bank in Malaysia a matter of time. Our call is buying further if you do not have enough.

Hedging and hedging, super inflation is coming

We have been talking about world debts that caused inflation for decade. Pandemic of Covid 19 reduce certain demand but boosted commodities price. Now what, war conflicts further pushing inflation to become worrying situation.

Either there is a war to reset all the problems. Or it is going to be a major issue going forward. The gap between the rich and the poor. Lot of changes on social values are going to emerged.

We continue to advise if you are capable. Hedge against it via investing in blue-chip, properties, commodities.

I am not smart enough to win in gloves, semi-con and tech as I cannot figure out the fundamental valuation. But I guess I will not also loss much on these three. Perhaps the word stagflation is coming back again.

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