All financials stocks rocking – a new round of M&A

From OSK, RHBCap to MBSB and today Affin a huge leap. I believe the it signaling a new round of merger. Personally I believe we should do it long time ago but BNM leave it to market force. There are still many redundant to service a limited market. I believe even MBf Card will also be acquired as it is just a local brand.

We have added 比高集團, SUNREIT, KHIND and UOADEV

Bargain hunting continous as any dip in US, Dow Jones will give us a chance for super sales again.  We foresee the period is extedning till at least before year end.  Any dip will provoke our mild purchase of the day.  Again, why we do this is because we really dont know whether market is low enough but many good companies did should good result and valuation.

OSK should worth RM 2.50 – 2.80 for the merger deal

We believe the so called merger will price OSK at RM 2.50 – 2.80 which has from here still got a strong upside.  The last merger with Maybank called off but it is likely this time given OSK owner is shown strong intend to sell.  We added OSK further to our existing holdings.

By either book ratio or PE of 13-15 times.  We believe OSK will be valued at RM 2.50. It is also more likely for RHB Cap to buy as it will assist RHB to start expanding itself to regional.

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