We have bought Tomei, Towereit and 國金資源

As we continue looking for positive recovery of the world markets.  We have slightly bought Tomei in favour of its continuous good performance and its gold as stocks.  Towereit which given 8% yield as top 3 return reits in Malaysia and 國金資源 with its after restructuring bet for recovery.

How far RM 1,000 can go – 1 Million? We start this “Invest for Better Life Series – IBL Fund”

Sometimes, it is not hard, but it is also not easy. E.g. If we can choose 3 times a 1 to 10 times return investment. RM 1,000 will become RM 1 Millions. But how long and is it possible? We start this series and try. We use a short form called IBL Fund. We will monitor the return but everytime only at one go. We will update the first investment soon. Let see, what we will buy and at what price?!!!

Top 3 Pick in 2011-2012 for KLSE

1. Tomei – a continous growing business model and inflating asset price – Gold.
2. Oldtown – highly undervalued with its mass potential growth perspective and dividend policy.
3. AeonCR – Insurance, credit card and its Jusco consumer loan are good model. Most important PE of around 5-6 times is bargain. We turn holding it and increase it if price drop.

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