How far RM 1,000 can go – 1 Million? We start this “Invest for Better Life Series – IBL Fund”

Sometimes, it is not hard, but it is also not easy. E.g. If we can choose 3 times a 1 to 10 times return investment. RM 1,000 will become RM 1 Millions. But how long and is it possible? We start this series and try. We use a short form called IBL Fund. We will monitor the return but everytime only at one go. We will update the first investment soon. Let see, what we will buy and at what price?!!!

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  1. hi j&j i believe making rm1mil is not impossible but to start with rm1,000 may be a very steep climb. here are some comparisons:

    CAGR=60% @ 5%/month : 1,020,658.53 in 142 months
    CAGR=120% @ 10%/month : 1,051,153.20 in 73 months
    CAGR=180% @ 15%/month : 1,083,657.44 in 50 months
    CAGR=240% @ 20%/month : 1,020,674.70 in 38 months
    CAGR=300% @ 25%/month : 1,009,741.96 in 31 months
    CAGR=360% @ 30%/month : 1,192,533.29 in 27 months

    the thing about compounded growth is that it gets much harder to keep your target when your principal is getting higher. i myself am on a similar journey but my initial capital is RM15,000 and end target is RM5mil, my target CAGR is 36% @ 3%/month so i expect to reach my target in 16 years’ time. this will be the biggest challenge in my life.

    wat is IBL?

    1. Great to see you are well structured in your investment objective. IBL is just a small idea i use to see if can help more to understand the importance of investment. It stand for Invest for better life.

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