Results Update – Mudajaya; Maybank; Ahealth; Apex; UOADev; Bonia; Bernas; Tomei; KHIND

Mudajaya 13.93 / Qtr; Maybank 17.22 / Qtr; Ahealth 8.55 / Qtr; Apex 1.53 / Qtr; UOADev 12 / Qtr; Bonia 6.55 / Qtr; Bernas 3.88 / Qtr; Tomei 4.47 / Qtr; KHIND 1.12 / Qtr

Overall not an interesting quarter. Mostly fall into expectation with higher revenue but higher cost that eroded profits. Mudajaya, Maybank and Ahealth continue its good revenue and profit run. We will monitor another quarter or two.

PS: Century Logistics and Voir have good quarter.

China cut reserve 0.5% – KLCI and properties prices will move again

China has cut bank reserve requirement for another 0.5%.  This is significant as the second largest economy feel the impact. 

In this case, properties prices that suppose to correct may resume upward trend in 3-6 months.  So do KLCI 1600 will be on it’s way.

Not necessary a better performance but no choice that while world banks printing more money, even the one suppose to tighten let lose.  More inflation to come.

Probably a good timing for Asean rebuilding bubbles.  If it is correct, the run will be another 6-12 months and now is good timing to enter the market again.

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