We reduced posiitons in KPJ Healthcare and BJCorp. Switched to Oldtown, DKSH, Masteel, PavREIT, KHIND and Alaqar

Reason to reduce KPJ Healthcare – PE has reached record high, above PE 20 is not our cup of tea. For BJcorp – The renew exercise via loan stocks and free warrants does not look attractive with its 12 months performance. Thus we reduced our positions.

But we switched to Oldtown, DKSH, Masteel, Alaqar, PavREIT and KHIND.

We continue to do nothing for KLCI and bias to defensive switch

At the current price level, we believe KLCI is not at fair value. As the prelude of potential election, sentiment remained at upward bias. Our strategy is to dispose speculative and economy sensitive company to more undervalue stocks or cash. In general, we try not doing anything and wait for opportunity.

We have decided to cut loss on Carotech

We have speculated a come back of the share but the final proposal seems very much on raising funds and injected to a new unknown business. Although we can wait and may still can recover or even profit from it. Our cost is around RM 0.06 and we will take a small loss and walk away.

IBL Fund update Teledata 0.018

Our Teledata share has reached 0.018 which gives us market value of SGD 18 x 20 then x 2.45 = RM 882 + RM 450 = RM 1,332.00. We will still hold Teledata for sometimes and expecting right issue to bring down our cost to SGD 0.0077. Expecting next 3 months price crossing SGD 0.023 for a first 200% return.

Mean time, our another speculative monitor Bingo has crossed back HKD 0.115. We recommend hold for both counters.

First factor for successful investment – Your Ego

Across years, the most important rock block to being a good investor will be yourself. Ego is the most easy to develop problem that hinder you from understanding the factors that define a good investment. Investment is not rocket size nor physicist’s theories. In fact, it can be as easy as 123. It is true that there is suppose no rich or poor gap on earth. It is because of environment, culture, experience that develop one’s character that include ego.

Teledata volume increases, probably the last chance to enter

Starting Jan 2012, we start to see mild changes with volume increases on average. This could be the mark of 1st level price rebound target around SGD 0.02 indicating our first 200% return if you enter at SGD 0.007. If right issue out at 0.005, that will be significant profit if it’s business turn around.

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