Cypark earnings continue stabilizing – hold

The latest announcement of 4.75 cents stabilized its EPS ratio.  We continue holding our investment in Cypark as a growth stock with reasonable dividend.  A 15 times ratio for its current year earnings can approximately price it with a fair value at RM 3.00.  If Cypark direction into renewable energy as focus and deliver result.  It may earn our recall of buy into the counter.  

Does it make sense if Bitcoins hit 1000? 

Months back the value still around 500 and now 931 as of I am Writting this post.  There are many economists suddenly come up somewhere and tell you that Bitcoins worth the money due to many factors.  But have you even seen a currency move up 100% in months?   Or the next few months correcting back to 600.  

US dollar and Dow Jones are over excited by many

We would rather cautious about Dow Beyond 20,000.  We are not optimistic as logically no policy has kicked in to have this fundamental.  If US dollar is to higher another 5% to 10%.  It is going to be very damaging to US export.  Can a huge internal oriented growth can trade off others?  We are pretty reserve as of this stage.

Rhonema – a new listed Vets worth to take a look

With its earning ratio and prospect. We believe RM 1.20 will be a fair value for a Vets related company with min. 10 times of its PE.  A 10% grow of revenue and profit will drive the fair value to RM 1.50 in next financial year.  We bought some at RM 0.825. As of the last closing price today is RM 0.925. We recommend to buy whenever the price pull back and as long as below RM 1.00

Exclude Technology, USD products are too pricy if no differentiation 

Will you buy an iPhone 7.0 if you can’t find a replacement?  Yes probably but what if you can find the same thing elsewhere?   I think Trump will be very much internal consumption kind of growth philosophy. With high dollar against basket of currencies. He can drive down overall debts.  Technology based will still do well but other products will be seriously hit.

AMFIRST – It’s assets are in bargain

With its PE and current trading price.  AMFIRST offers great value among MREIT as of now.  Though many may say commercial office is over supplied.  However, AMFIRST major portfolio is occupied with its banking business.  At RM 0.78 is a buy call with yield expected more than 6%.  

USD is over priced and no good for US exporters

US overall economy does not change much.  Even FED is going to raise rate another 3 times of 0.75%.  USD does not justify the current strength.  However, it may go higher as these days in the market dominated by funds and speculators. Our strategy is clear that now focus into Malaysia and Australia where both countries currencies are weak to USD.  Things just becoming cheaper and USD base products just becoming much expensive!

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