Finally and what take you so long FED!

Xmas gift from FED and finally Yellen did the right thing raised rate 0.25%.  Perhaps the only thing she should not do is again giving more hikes message in 2017 when she may doing it after 6 to 12 months or not doing it at all.

Trump effect goes on 

The Trump effect goes on and set many records in US Equities market.  Even before he is going to deliver result.  A stronger US market will definitely drag up the whole world economy.  In this scenario, a recovery China also will lift up even more Economy.   

The world Debt issues may skipped this round and heading for another new cycle.  We will see a gradual recovery in all aspects coming years. Yes still before a next Debt issues crash waiting. But definitely not this round.  We will adjusting our strategy real soon bias to aggressive. 

We are optimistic in mid to long term of KLSE

We will continue buy into the market with our top picks.  We will utilize a buy on weakness strategy.  As we advocate a world recovery before the next crash due to debt. We believe it can be years after this recovery.  The recovery will be mild and by stages.  Thus no rush to buy heavily but gradually when weakness prevail.  Asset oriented, Green, Food, Tech and agricultural remained our top picked of all industries.  Whereas special pick on MBSB, CIMB and EIG remained main focus.  

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