MREITs are in bargain now. It is a good time to build your Cash flow model

I have been investing every REITs since the first REIT listed. The recent price correction due to interest rate hike is nonsense. There are so called analyst again said if 50 basis points increase in interest rate. REIT will need to find back the same to maintain attractive yield. This must be the biggest joke as they simply assume all REITs are with 100% borrowing.

I am not in favour of shopping malls and general offices. But Alaqar that socialised in hospitals, MQREIT with governmental tenants, KIPREIT with focus in low to mid income retailers and AXREIT which focused into warehouse. YTLREIT focused into hotels and so on.

This is a best time to invest and if it is going down further. I will switch my ratio to REITS more than stocks for my additional investment strategy.

Sign of transformation as Blue chips in charge

We seen a trend where majority of the stocks performing are Blue chips. Probably not even shift of fund but economic reality that the larger size of corporate is taking over not just the wall street but the main street. This means small cap without unique capabilities will be threaten in overall revenue and profitability.

My top 3 largest holdings

I have been consistently buying MBSB and it is now my largest holding of all times. My second largest holding is CIMB. I did not buy further but holding on it. Lastly is Maybank.

My largest MREIT holdings are Alaqar, MQREIT and YTLREIT. Though I am buying into KIPREIT and AXREIT. My overall holding still prefer my top 3.

We like MREITs now as value merged

If overall prices are going down even between 3 to 5%. It is a buy call to me as it is one of the best moment you can build cash flow model at good entrance price. I don’t know how low it can go but I just nibbling it.

Moving to defensive mode

Markets have reacted cautiously over a small trade war started. I am not going to speculate what is next but I think switching into defensive mode and increase ratio of dividend yield stocks and cash will be a temp option. But we will still bargain hunt over sold MREIT and our top picks.

If I got the cash, I will hostile takeover many undervalued stocks or MREITs

Instead of buying something where developer creating value on their product. Why not buy something already discounted and with consistent yield?

E.g. MQREIT where NTA at 1.255 and trading at RM 1.08. With a discounted yield approximately 6%. Isn’t it better to buy REIT than actual building?

Ok how about stop buying stocks above 30 to 40 times PE and buy into many 10 to 15 financial stocks in the market.

E.g. Nestle trading at above 40 times PE compare to Maybank at 15 times? If you think food can not be do away and do you think a bank will walk away from someone life?

Modern society one cannot even survive with no internet. Or even an overpriced smart phone like Apple. Yet Apple is trading only at 17 times. Same goes to Amazon training at 300 times.

Nothing has changed except the money in the system working unethical way but you can’t stop them. It is just like money flown into English Premier league and money define success.

Nothing is right or wrong but is one ability to withstand risk.

Trade war is no good but we like value from fear

I believe no one can probably given a guarantee view on impact of trade war and the degree of its impact.

But the fear caused many stocks fallen to been seen with values. E.g. MQREIT at 1.02 low as probably given an increase yield more than 8% perhaps and more.

We bought into the market slowly and we like moment like this. That’s when we become more active in bargain hunting.

Our beginners portfolio for a test!

If you are new to investment. Also not much capital but seek higher return in 2018. If you got 10K only of the capital. But below:

1. MBSB 3,000 – RM 1.18

2. MQREIT 2,000 – RM 1.08

3. KEN 2,000 – RM 0.91

4. KIPREIT 3,000 – RM 0.820

I believe you should have more min 5% yield by year end and strong chance of capital gain more than 20%. A total of ROI close to 30%.

Just try it.

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