If I got the cash, I will hostile takeover many undervalued stocks or MREITs

Instead of buying something where developer creating value on their product. Why not buy something already discounted and with consistent yield?

E.g. MQREIT where NTA at 1.255 and trading at RM 1.08. With a discounted yield approximately 6%. Isn’t it better to buy REIT than actual building?

Ok how about stop buying stocks above 30 to 40 times PE and buy into many 10 to 15 financial stocks in the market.

E.g. Nestle trading at above 40 times PE compare to Maybank at 15 times? If you think food can not be do away and do you think a bank will walk away from someone life?

Modern society one cannot even survive with no internet. Or even an overpriced smart phone like Apple. Yet Apple is trading only at 17 times. Same goes to Amazon training at 300 times.

Nothing has changed except the money in the system working unethical way but you can’t stop them. It is just like money flown into English Premier league and money define success.

Nothing is right or wrong but is one ability to withstand risk.

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