Why most analyst missed their forecast?

KLCI at 1870, RM at 3.87 vs USD, CIMB at RM 7.10, MBSB at 1.20 as of today. Almost most analysts still got the job. There is a reason why they missed. 1st they may be told to. 2nd they really don’t understand business even they have plenty of data. Don’t time the market. Don’t listen to analyst. Invest what you really know. Put into a trust or FD if you do not understand it.

Cryptocurrency crashing from high, I suppose it can go further down

A virtual currency no matter you are going with the best technology in the world. First of all a value defined. When it defined then how it can grow from demand and supply? How will you trade a currency with a product that can go up and down hundred percents. In human civilization is the first time. But it will back to basis and then stabilize to grow correctly. Until then, there are still lots of space to head south.

Our portfolio performed well starting 2018

Our portfolio did well across and we are continuing reinvesting dividend into the market. Our main focus remained MBSB, INSAS, CIMB, MNRB, KIPREIT and KEN.

Our other portfolio includes UMW, AFFIN, YSPSAH, AHEALTH, AAX, OSK, LUXCHEM.

We also start buying some recovering stocks in oil segment like UMWOG and UZMA.

We believe most markets will continue the run up

From Down Jones to Nikkei and Hang Seng. From STI, AFX to KLCI. We believe the current economy and environments are favouring a run up. Possibly 2018 and 2019 and while Interest rate is up. The adverse effect may only be felt in 2019 or later.

Most assets will inflate and until measures both from monetary and fiscal policies to curb the rise.

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