TM & P1 deal – Looks stupid but workable

If there is any more option for P1 as losses pilling up and cash draining non stop.  A clear case for our authority to understand this license can only given to big boys.

I think TM buy it at a bargain price which is not fair to P1.  But initially TM needs to absorb losses.  But with TM proper business plan execution.  I believe the initial bargain deal will eventually turned good deal for both.  P1 needs TM to revise it’s business.  Instead of losing all.  From historical cases TM will try every best to realise it’s investment.

We recommend a buy when price stabilise but in short term.  There is pressure towards both Gpacket and TM stock prices.  Wait until it’s stabilise then slowly accumulate.

The markets will range bound and looking for leads

Will be a completely non event if there is no fresh lead from both local to international.  The market will be dull with less activities pending only individual corporate exercise.

We have closed our future contracts position with mild profit.  We have also sold off some weekly trading stocks.  We added some Success again and YTLREIT.  

Again we pray for MH 370 and hope miracle is on its way.

Is Technology companies getting too expensive?

From Iris to OCK, Opensys,  Catcha, Censof, MNC, Extol & etc.  Some technology trading in Kuala Lumpor stock exchange is even higher than Google, Microsoft and may be even Facebook.  (Those without earnings).

Eventhough I am from Technology industry before and I feel the bubble is again developing.  The golden rule of any investment inclusive technology should be High Trading PE Price = High Growth + High Prospect.  We just missing all these elements and yet people keep chasing the stock price.

Probably there are insider news developing but when Bursa query.  A standard answer across which is unaware.

We expect KLCI and World Market to rebound

If there is no major war started after an hour result of Crimea to rejoin Russia.  We expect the world market will temp half the downward trend and rebound.

A war in Crimea is not good for US, Russia and EUROPE. No one will like 5 have a war.  We expect Crimea to pass majority joining back to Russia and follow up response from US and EU in a lengthy drag game.

We added YTLREIT, Hovid and MNRB

We continue our nibbling in YTLREIT as it is a very good yield trust as of now.  Good hedging portfolio with hotels in different region.   We start to hold Hovid also but we recommend buy slow on weakness.   A few securities houses recommended Hovid and we reviewed the counter.  We do agree as pharmaceutical company as of current trading PE is cheap.  Good grow potential and we recommended a slow long term buy.

We also added MNRB slowly.  May be MAS incident may impact MNRB insurance payment.  But in long run we still like MNRB as a favourite.

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