We added YTLREIT, Hovid and MNRB

We continue our nibbling in YTLREIT as it is a very good yield trust as of now.  Good hedging portfolio with hotels in different region.   We start to hold Hovid also but we recommend buy slow on weakness.   A few securities houses recommended Hovid and we reviewed the counter.  We do agree as pharmaceutical company as of current trading PE is cheap.  Good grow potential and we recommended a slow long term buy.

We also added MNRB slowly.  May be MAS incident may impact MNRB insurance payment.  But in long run we still like MNRB as a favourite.

2 thoughts on “We added YTLREIT, Hovid and MNRB

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  1. Yo Joe,
    Worth to take note – MNRB is exposed to the recent MH370 crisis.
    Also holding HOVID – unverified news that they have won the distribution rights for a high-blood pressure drug.

    1. Thank you P78 and it is a sudden event for MNRB. We are aware that but we believe the risk is well spread and may affect a quarter or 2 results.

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